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You are the gatekeeper of your household, you are fiercely protective over your children. You are truly a Maxkleen Mom as you declare war on germs every single day. It’s a constant battle, but a warrior mom doesn't give up.

Is the floor spotless? Are the shelves clean? Did the kids wash their hands after coming back from school? These are some questions that might run through your mind. As a mom, you always have your armor up, making sure that nothing goes amiss under your watch. There shouldn’t be a single place left where harmful bacteria can fester and multiply.

Kids will be kids. They love to play and get their hands and clothes dirty. You fight a constant battle against germs, always asking your children to wash up and change their clothes after they come back from the playground.

Germs hide in the most menacing places, waiting to come out at the opportune moment – causing evil cases of flu, colds, sore throats, tummy-aches and coughs. Germs are the root cause of such diseases. As a Maxkleen Mom, you channel your energy into preventing these evil illnesses so that your kids can stay safe and healthy.

In the fight against germs, something often gets overlooked – the sebum, sweat and tough stains that find their way into kids 'clothes. While your house might be spotlessly clean, your clothes might contain germs even if they have been recently washed. In fact dangerous bacteria known as E.coli is incredibly difficult to get rid of in a regular washing cycle. A Maxkleen Mom understands this.

Maxkleen, with its unique 2-in-1 softergent formula containing super antibacterial power, goes deep into the fabric and works as a holistic concentrated liquid detergent. Maxkleen products not only remove stubborn stains and odor but also kills 99% of germs and bacteria in one wash. This means that your clothes will be germ free after the use of Maxkleen Liquid Detergent.

Our products are the perfect weapons for your fight against germs. The liquid is gentle on clothes and can be used with cold water. For heavy soiled & stained clothes you just need to add one cap full to the detergent compartment of your washing machine. As a result you’ll enjoy clean, bacteria free, fragrant clothes.

The anatomy of a Maxkleen Mom:

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